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Welcome to The Great Memory Challenge

Adding momentum to your memory, your brain, and your life!


Now Trending 'Memory Booster' Cheat Sheet

These 10 new and trending neuroscience-based strategies show you simple, and unexpected lifestyle modifications in areas such as your nutrition, fitness, sleep, productivity, and more. Supported by scientific studies these are proactive, doable actions you can take today to power up your memory, help optimize your brain and make some positive changes in your life.


50 Plus Memory Challenge

These 43 neuroscience-grounded, memory tips are simple but effective, proactive lifestyle changes you can make right now. Learn how to reduce your exposure to negative risk factors. Explore ways to add momentum to positive, protective factors. Take the challenge. Optimize your memory and rejuvenate your brain.

Memory Optimization Program

MOP is a science-based mentoring program designed to help you achieve more from your life. Through weekly sessions, challenges, and guidance, you will learn simple lifestyle modifications to improve your health, improve your clarity and performance, and give you the tools to create the life you’ve always dreamed you could achieve.

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